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3 Answered Questions for the topic infinitivo

Infinitivo Spanish Verbos


Iros instead of "idos" (imperative of verb "ir")?

I have heard many times the use of the infinitive instead of the imperative in Spanish with the verb "ir". For example: - Si me queréis, *irse (Instead of: Si me queréis, váyanse) [Famous... more
Infinitivo Spanish Preposiciones


When to add prepositions before an infinitive verb (por/para/a/de)?

With the infinitive form of a verb in English, (e.g. to speak), the word 'to' seems to convey a specific meaning where, in Spanish, an additional preposition is used in some cases.Examples:>I... more
Infinitivo Spanish Gramática


Infinitivo compuesto' to express actions in the past which did not happen?

In my book 'Gramatica de uso del Espanol C1-C2', unit 71 is dedicated to `infinitivo`, and there are two sentences using `infinitivo compuesto`: > No quereis ir? **Haberlo pensado**... more

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