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What is the etymology of the pronoun "usted"? What formal pronouns existed before?

What is the etymology of the pronoun "usted"? What formal pronouns existed before, and when did the current "usted" come into existence?


Do any Spanish words exist that aren't pronounced as expected from their spelling?

English is a language that does not have a consistent system for the pronunciation of words with similar spellings (*e.g.* compare *rough* with *through*), this can lead to a situation where it is... more
Historia Spanish Gramática


Did Spanish have declensions?

Since Spanish evolved from Latin, and Latin has cases (Nominative, Acusative, Dative, Genitive, Ablative) did Spanish nouns change, sometime ago, with respect to cases?


De donde vienen las formas irregulares del verbo haber?

Me interesaria saber como se han desarrollado las formas irregulares del presente de indicativo del verbo *haber*. Es obvio que no se dice *"tu habes", "ella habe" y "nosotros habemos*". Supongo... more


How did the syntactical strucutre “me gusta” come to be in Spanish? It seems to be different from its Latin root and other Romance languages?

In Spanish there is the structure "Me gusta" where "Me" is the *object*. But in other Romance languages such as Portuguese "Eu gosto (de isso)" or French "Je goûterai le soir bleu", "eu" and "je"... more

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