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Why does Latin America not “lisp” consonants, having learned its Spanish from Spain?

I am referring to the sounds made by the letters ⟨z⟩ and the soft ⟨c⟩ the way they’re said in Spain, like in the Spanish words *zorro* and *cena*. (This is the unvoiced dental fricative sound... more


Is Spain the only country that uses "vosotros" for "you all"?

Is Spain the only country that uses *vosotros* for *you all* (informal) instead of *ustedes*? (In the second-person perspective). Examples:> Spain: *Vosotros sois inteligentes.*> Other (?):... more


In what ways is the letter “s” (or the /s/ sound) pronounced in Spain?

I’ve heard varying things regarding the varying pronunciations of the “s” sound in Spain. However, no one was willing (or at least, able) to explain these variations to me.How is the “s” sound... more

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