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Katie C.

asked • 05/22/19

Can a very good English teacher or someone good at English go through this and make it make sense please.

Stevenson presents Mr Hyde as a heartless man this is shown in the quote when Enfield is talking to his relative Mr Utterson whilst they are out on their regular Sunday walk and they come across the strange looking door, Enfield relates to him a disturbing incident. He says “the man trampled calmly over the child’s body and left her screaming on the ground”. In this quote there is an juxtaposition ‘trampled calmly’ this suggests that Hyde had no intention on stopping, it didn’t even phase him, that the little girl got hurt, normally anyone that had accidently done the same thing would want to offer help. Stevenson’s intention was to introduce this evil, wicked character to the reader. In the Victorian era children had to work to help to support their family so maybe so the girl was coming back from a hard day’s work and wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, and Hyde was not paying attention either, even though Hyde did not intend to knock her over it was purely an accident. The very fact that he did not stop, makes us see him as a heartless and evil character.

In chapter two when Hyde is accosted by Utterson who has been trying to ‘seek him out ’we are enlightened to his hostile and angry manner. The quote “What do you want?” shows how rude and unfriendly Hyde actually is. The question here suggests Hyde is curious about why this man wants to know who he is yet he is unable to ask in a civil manner. Stevenson’s intention was to show how men In the Victorian times wanted to come across as gentlemen’s but Edward Hyde didn’t want to be like that and did not care how he came across.

Hyde comes across as a wicked and dangerous person the quote ‘the other snarled aloud into a savage laugh’ the verb ‘snarled’ reminds us of a vicious dog about to attack its prey, ‘’savage laugh’ also builds a picture in the readers mind of how evil and wicked he is. “He has a ‘flush of anger” this tells us how evil he is. The Victorian times were a very religious time. Everyone was expected to  believe in God and worship him but Hyde did not show the behaviour of someone who was religious in fact he didn’t really care about how he was which was very odd because men liked to be show how respectable they were in society.

Stevenson portrays Mr Utterson as a man who liked to get his curiosity satisfied we see this when he asks many questions such as “and you never asked about the — place with the door?” The hyphen is used to pause and to add detail. This suggests that Utterson wanted to know more about the door and what Enfield had experienced. Stevenson’s intention was to make Mr Utterson look very curious. In the Victorian era there was a lot of pollution in the air which could of make the door look more mysterious and unclear. In the 1800’s it wasn’t unusual to see men taking a walk at night as technology was just in its beginnings –a television hadn’t even been invented-.

At the end of chapter one we see how Enfield regrets talking about the incident of the door “I am ashamed of my long tongue” the verb suggests how much he wished he hadn’t spoken about it. Utterson agrees never to speak about it again “with all my heart” a hearts stands for being sincere therefore making a promise and shaking hands with Enfield to seal that promise.

Utterson’s curious personality did not allow him to go to sleep that night it makes him get up and look at Jekyll’s will


Stevenson continues to make Mr Utterson be a curious character by showing his persistent personality this is shown in the quote  “If he be Mr. Hyde,"  “I shall be Mr. Seek."

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Jennifer S. answered • 05/22/19

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Katie C.

Thank you so much i really appreciate your help!


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