Avddd H.

asked • 04/04/19

A couch was bought at a wholesale price of $113.00 and Jessica's Furniture Store marks up all furniture by 45%, percent.At what price should the manager sell the couch?

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Angelo G. answered • 04/04/19

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Jonathan D.

The answer is actually 50.85, so you had the right answer but you kept on going.


Angelo G.

50.85 is 45 percent of the wholesale price and the amount of the mark up. The question asks how much the manager should sell the couch for, which would be wholesale cost plus the markup which is 163.85. Otherwise, if the manager sold the couch for only 50.85. He/she would take a loss and sell for less than the 113 that he/she paid for it. 50.85 would be the final answer if the question was how much the 45 percent markup would be not how much the manager should sell the couch for. so 163.85 is the final answer. Be sure to thoroughly read the question and understand what is completely being asked before assuming an answer.


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