Asked • 04/01/19

Using "piace" in a "how-many" question?

I currently have a limited understanding of Italian grammar (I plan to take Italian when I go to college but as of right now I'm entirely self-taught [well, in a Duolingo-guided sort of way]) so I apologize in advance if this seems like an overly simple thing to ask.The word-order with "piace" is already sort of unfamiliar to me. For the most part, I can figure out elementary uses of the word, but I don't know how to use it in a question sentence.For instance, how would you ask something like, "How many pieces of cake does your turtle like to eat?" I suppose this is the same thing as asking, "How many pieces of cake does your turtle like eating?" (Obscure, but within my vocabulary, I think.) Thanks for your time and patience!

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