Asked • 03/19/19

When should I use 'al'?

I am trying to tell the difference between 'al' and 'a' to refer to a place. I know that you usually use a to refer to a country. But when should you use al? I am trying to teach someone the difference but I don't really know how to explain it. I use it all the time as a native speaker, but to explain it is a different story. I tried looking on the internet only to find differences between hay/ahi/ay etc... not really al. Example: > Ana y yo vamos a ir al bar. Why not > *Ana y yo vamos a ir a bar. (I know this is incorrect. As to why, that is the question) **EDIT** As per comments, then can I know when do I need the definite article "el"? Or if there is another explanation for al?

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Elijah B. answered • 03/20/19

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