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los objetos, cosas, y lugares se clasifican, dicen y escriben por género, femenino o masculino en español?

Analiza y escoge la opción correcta:La cuchara o el cucharaLa voz o el vozLas zapatos o Los zapatosCuál objeto parece ser femenino o masculino?


When should I use 'al'?

I am trying to tell the difference between 'al' and 'a' to refer to a place. I know that you usually use a to refer to a country. But when should you use al? I am trying to teach someone the... more


Using article twice when joining two clauses?

I am trying to translate `That's the one that I eat the chicken with'` What I currently have is `Esa es la con la que como el pollo`, which doesn't sound right to me. So I start with the first... more


Es "la azucar" o "el azucar"?

I'm a bit confused: Is "sugar" "la azucar" or "el azucar"? If both are correct: Does it depend on the context? Are there more words where both articles can be used?


Why is "agua" masculine in singular form and feminine in plural? "El agua" / "Las aguas" ¿Por qué decimos "el agua" si es una palabra femenina?

English ------- Is there any rule that says that feminine nouns that start with "A" are converted to masculine or is it just done for phonetic (ie beauty) reasons? Does this happen in all... more

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