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Difference between -iera and -iese ending of the imperfect subjunctive?

There are two forms of the imperfect subjunctve in use, for example, pudiera, pudieras, pudiera, pudiéramos, pudierais, pudieranand pudiese, pudieses, pudiese, pudiésemos, pudieseis,... more
Subjuntivo Spanish Gramática


Forming a conditional clause in present and present tense?

I just learend the conditional and past subjunctive. Here is an example: > If I had a million dollars, I would buy a big house. > > Si tuviera un millon dolares, compraria una casa... more


When should the subjunctive be used after "mientras"?

When should *mientras* or *mientras que* be followed by the subjunctive and when by the indicative? In both cases, how is *mientras* usually translated?

Use of "Que" in "Que todo te vaya bien"?

> Que todo te vaya bien. > > Que nos reunamos a las 6. I've seen, and used, `que` in this form - it's as if the verb has been dropped, say, `espero`. What is the origin of this usage?... more

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