Laurie P.

asked • 11/29/18

Calculating thermal energy release help please!!!

1) a) Heat Capacity (Cp) is the thermal energy it takes to raise 1 kilogram of a substance by 1°C. Seawater has a very high Heat Capacity of 3.993 kJ kg−1 K−1. Assume the Gulf Stream is 80 Sv (106 m3/s) and as it travel across the North Atlantic Ocean to the Greenland Sea the surface 10% cools by 10˚C. Calculate to three significant figures how much energy the Gulf Stream releases per day as it cools (in kJ).  Assume that one litre of seawater weighs one kg and remember there are a 1000 litres in one m3.

Select one:

a. 1.15e12

b. 7.67e13

c. 2.76e7

d. 3.19e11

e. 2.76e16

b) Estimate to two significant figures how many coal fire stations generate the same amount of heat released over Europe by the cooling of the Gulf Stream. Assume a standard 500 MW coal fire power station generates 4.32 x 1010 KJ per day.

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