Bader A.

asked • 09/28/18

Pre calculus question !!!

Given two lines   L1:x + ay + b = 0   and   L2:x + cy + d = 0   as detailed below :

details:   1.  L1 and L2 cross each other in the section 1 of the Cartesian coordinate system.
2.  L1 crosses the positive section of X coordinate and crosses the negative section of Y coordinate. 
3.  L2 crosses the positive section of the Y coordinate and the negative section of X coordinate.

How many among the real numbers a, b, c, d, a–c are positive ??
(a) 1    (b) 2    (c) 3    (d) 4    (e) 5   

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Victoria V. answered • 09/28/18

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Bader A.

Thank you so much ,, yess ,, the question actually have a graph , but the problem is that i couldn't draw it here . So I tried to describe it .


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