Kate T.

asked • 06/13/18

Marbles with radius 1.5 cm are placed into a cubic box of side length 12 cm. How many can fit and how much empty space is left?

i'm not sure how to do this question. pls help!

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Mark M. answered • 06/13/18

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David W.

As usual, Mark M. has presented an excellent answer. However, it applies to introductory math. At the very advanced math/engineering level, we must consider whether changing from (8)*(8*8) to ( 5*(8*8) with 4*(7*7) ) layers interleaved ) would still fit an 12-cubic-centimeter box. At this size, it may not, but, for sure, a box of size 120 cm * 120 cm * 120 cm could fit at least 41 layers of 8x8 and 40 layers of 7x7 interleaved (note: 4584 instead of 4520 marbles).


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