Jake F.

asked • 11/19/17

Question is in description....Please send help!!!

john has to figure out the number of sales people to be placed in each of five offices. He decides that the number of salespeople to be placed in each office will depend on the size of the office in relation to the other offices. 1 office is 4 times the size of 2 of the offices, and equal in size to 2 other offices. What is the minimum number of sales people required to service all areas?
Please help with working out so I can solve similar questions. Thanks in advanced!

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John M. answered • 11/19/17

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Larry W.

You are buying orange juices for 245 dollars per container and have a gift card worth 20 dollars. The function f(x)=245x-20 represents your total cost f(x) if you buy x containers of orange juice and use the gift card. How much do you pay to buy 8 containers of orange juice?


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