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Velocity; how far will the car travel? (Read)

A car traveling north at an average velocity of 65 km/hr. How far will it travel at 180 minutes? **Make sure to include all proper units and labels in final answer Given: Average velocity= 65 km/hr t= 3 hours (after you convert from 180 minutes) d= ???? Answer choices: (1) 195 m North (2) 21.7 km (3) 195 km North (4) 21.7 km North


Keeping in mind that 195 km ≅ 121.17 miles, the answers from James and me are equivalent.  He worked it in miles and I worked it in km.
Free advice:  Work it out in km.  Since 195 km ≠ 195 miles, answer (a) is not possible.  There is no reason at all to compute the distance in miles.

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d = vt
v = 65 km/hr
t = 180 min = 3 hrs
d = (65 km/hr)(3 hrs) = 195 km
The car was going North, so the final complete answer is 195 km North, which is choice (3).
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Distance = Rate*Time Distance = (65km/hr)*(3hours) Since ( 1 hour is 60 minutes) Distance= 195km Since the problem mentions velocity and velocity is a vector quantity you will need to mention North in your answer.