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analysis essay on i have a dream and worksheet

ive tried to answer it but got some of them wrom made a 70 need a 100 please help


I don't have a full enough answer and am not sure what the worksheet is or what you missed but the main points of MLK's speech were: People had become too accepting of intolerance. The system of government in place was doing nothing to help persons of color. The American ideal of opportunities was not real anymore and intolerance fueled crimes that were never given the justice they deserve.
Also, his goal with the speech was to rally up every single person listening in order to march as a demonstration. This was much more dangerous than it sounds and had he not been as effective a speaker then civil rights may not be at their current state.
Hope some of that helps :)

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Tonja F. | American History know it all.American History know it all.
When doing any analysis of a subject, research three first person accounts on that subject to better grasp who and what the subject is about. For instance you could analyze why he gave that speech, using the trials and tribulations of the late fifties and early sixties Civil Rights Movement. Also you could use Dr. Kings own words from the speech, and research why they would impact a movement to change the Bill of Rights. 
Hope this helps, always remember to use resources for all analysis essay's. They will help you understand your topic.