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How you identify and describe your audience?

i am doing a research on why reducing the amount of soda is a good idea to prevent people from becoming obese.But first i need to identify and describe my audience. ok so my audience should be people with obesity problem and people that are concer about there health?
how do i describe them? HELLLPPP PLEASE
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I suggest you view this website: Look at page 4 for targeting your audience.
In addition, remember the purpose of your writing. If you are going to make any statistical declarations, you must include data from a control group (i.e. people who do not consume soda) to compare data findings from your experimental group (i.e. people who consume soda.)
Secondly, what is the purpose of your essay? Such as to inform, persuade, entertain, or peer review...
If you are informing people about the risks/rewards of soda, then I agree that your target audience should be the consumer: people with weight/health/disease concerns. You should include research findings that link soda as the cause of their concerns.
If you are writing to persuade, then maybe your target audience should include school health board, department of health officials, and the food and drug administration (FDA).
Your essay doesn't sound like it's purpose is to entertain, or you would not be focusing on the serious topics you mentioned.
Finally, to write a peer review, and to check previously found data, your audience will be other professionals in the field. This is where you must use caution to avoid bias in your research. If you only look at connections that soda has to health, you might miss other factors that lead to the same results, so you have to look at effects on non-soda users as well.
Good luck, and I hope the website I recommended gives you some direction for your studies.


Google UMUC Online Guide to Writing and Research
Actually, I would ask yourself what your style is when you're writing this... Are you writing for children and therefore using really simple words? Are you writing for physicians and so using complex medical terms? Are you writing for the soda manufacturers who perhaps need convincing on changing their ways? Are you writing for soda consumers who may be concerned about obesity? Are you writing an instructional essay for teachers who are then instructing other people? Are you  writing for a business audience who care only about facts and figures?
Your audience determines how you write, and how you write identifies who your audience is...
You should make your audience the general population of the student body in your school. Since the vast majority of people drinking soda are teenagers, address it to all students. Be sure to show in your paper the effects that soda has on the human body including current statistics, health concerns that arise from using it and even if you can include a visual demonstration of some sort that will impact the students in a positive way and get them to really think about what they eat.
Here are some thoughts.  What category of people is most likely to drink soda? Who are the people then who would be most concerned with protecting those people and having them live healthy lives? In other words, who can most benefit from the type of information you will provide? 
I hope this helps.