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please please check my answers.please please someone. Thank you

Which question would help improve the development of ideas in an essay? 
A)Are the sentences varied to maintain interest?
B)Can language be made more concise?
C)Is each point related to the main idea?
D)Is the organization clear and appropriate to the task?
            I THINK D
The weather reporter told viewers to expect some rain during the tropical storm.
This sentence is an example of which of the following? 
I think c
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2 Answers

On the first question, I believe C would be more appropriate because the question asks about the development of the ideas. Therefore, I believe that making sure each paragraph is related to the main idea would be the correct choice.
However, I do think that organization is really important as well. I just don't think that the organization is linked to the development of the idea as much as answer C is.
Let us know if you got the answer for that. I got really curious.
I am with you on the second one. :)
I agree with both of your answers, Daisy.