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Hi, i would like to see an example of an answer to these two questions....

Hi, i would like to see an example of an answer to these two questions i have in my assigment in school . 1. Introduce yourself by using at least three different figures of speech. 2. Describe yourself from an object or an event that meant and means a lot to you.

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I think question one would be something like:
Alliteration - I'm the ever endearing Erick. Nice to meet you.
Anaphora - My friends call me Erick. You can too.
Assonance - I've been here and there and everywhere.
Hyperbole - I'm the most amazing ESL tutor there is.
Irony - It's so wonderful to spend so much time learning English.
Metaphor - I'm a leaf floating in the wind.
Simile - I'm like a cat with quick paws.
Something like this. Sorry, I didn't give examples of the other figures of speech Mark M. listed.
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Hello.  The first question is rather odd.  I would guess they are asking you to compare yourself to three figures in society who are fictional.  My answer to this would be detailed and explanative of why I chose each figure.  For example:  "I would compare myself to Carol from TWD because she is a loving character who takes on a motherly role to those around her.  However, she is a survivor and someone who does whatever it takes to keep herself and those around her safe." 
The second question, pick an event in your life that stands out.  Maybe a wedding, a death, a birth, a holiday, a family reunion, etc.  Or you chose an object like a family heirloom, a baseball card you've had forever, a picture you keep in your wallet etc..  My example for this would be:  "I have a ring that my mother and father bought me in celebration of my son and I's first Mother's Day.  This ring is custom made and has my son's birthstone, my son's name, his birth date, as well as a biblical reference -- 1Samuel1:27.  This ring means a lot to me and I wear it all the time and look to leave it to my son when I'm dead and gone.  It means a lot and will, I hope, mean a lot to my son one day."


Thank you so much for your answer , Summer! I updated the question , maybe you understand more know. I used the wrong expression, sorry.
Figures of Speech: alliteration, anaphora, assonance, hyperbole, irony, metaphor, simile, metonymy, onomatopoeia, paradox, personification, pun, synecdoche, understatement, antithesis, euphemism, and oxymoron.