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The flawed logic in this statement exemplifies ???

Crime rates have increased exponentially because of the unusually high temperatures of summer.
The flawed logic in this statement exemplifies
  A)Post hoc
  B)Slippery slope
  C)False dichotomy
  D)hasty generalization
I think that is false dichotomy


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Bill K. | Ivy League College PrepIvy League College Prep
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This is a post hoc argument defined as:
Since event Y followed event X, event Y must have been caused by event X
Sheryldean G. | Math & AutoCAD TutorMath & AutoCAD Tutor
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I agree. It sounds like False Dichotomy.


Tewolgn C. | Making Logic easyMaking Logic easy
Post hoc. False cause fallacy. Two events occurred, one follows another, but the former does not justifies the latter.