Rowan M.

asked • 03/28/17

When do or don't I use passive voice?

Hello all,
First to clarify: I am a non native speaker and I am writing my graduation paper in English.
I have come to the conclusion (as Word 2016 suddenly comments on my writing) that I have used the passive voice in my documents.
I have tried to gain the knowledge on this subject, but I have not found the best explanation yet.
Can anyone here tell me/show me a good explanation (or where the explanation is written)?
For example; 
- ... , but that will be globally provided.
The is stated as passive voice. Do I make it 'active voice' by clarifying by whom it will be globally provided?
- ... , but the supplier will globally provide that.
Is any of the above wrong to use?
Thanks in advance.

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Paul L. answered • 03/28/17

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