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In a separate peace, what is something that finny does that shows he represents youth, explain and examples?

i technically need 3 point that shows that finny represents childhood.

i need to understand it very well, bc this is an essay question so i'm gonna have to write an essay. the only point that i have is, finny represents childhood bc he does play over work, when he went the the beach instead of go to study like gene.

as well as an example of were he represent childhood, i need quotes and the page number.

and explain it with lots of details.

thnx soo much to whoever answers my question!! :))
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1 Answer

 This is a novel about leaving youth behind.  Finny is in no hurry to grow up.  He does typical youthful activities.  He is part of a secret club.  He loves to party and he likes to dare his friend Gene.  Also, let's not forget the tree!