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I really need help with my spanish homework!!!!!

Tell what each of these things was like. Use the preterite of the verb see and the correct form of the adjective given. Follow the model.

Model: (illustration of "teatro romea")/largo: La obra fue larga.

1. (illustration of class room number 207)/interesante: __________________________
2.(illustration of 3 books)/difícil: ______________________________
3. (illustration of kid running with a football)/emocianante: ____________________________
4. (illustration of a party)/fantástico: _____________________________
5. (illustration of 3 photos [dinosaur, old airplane, and old western guy on a horse])/divertido: ________________

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1.  First, you must give each of the items in numbers 1 - 5 a name in Spanish.  Take a look at your chapter vocabulary or look the words up in a dictionary or online to help you. 
2.  Next, decide if the item described is singular or plural
3.  If singular, use "fue" to say "it was".  If plural, use "fueron" to say "they were".
4.  Make sure that your article and adjective listed both agree with the item gender and quantity.  Is the word masculine or feminine?  Is the word singular or plural?
For example, note the subtle differences of these examples:
La película fue fantástica.  (The film was fantastic.)  In this example, "film" is feminine and singular.
Las películas fueron fantásticas.  (The films were fantastic.)   In this example, "film" is feminine and plural.
El concierto fue divertido.  (The concert was fun.)  In this example, "concert" is masculine and singular.
Los conciertos fueron divertidos.  (The concerts were fun.)  In this example, "concert" is masculine and plural.
I hope this helps you!