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Spanish | What are the preterite conjugations of the verb "HACER"?

What are all of the conjugations of the verb "HACER"? How would you write them? Please include vosotros form.


Conjugate the Terms Please

Alberto le cuenta a Daniel sobre unos eventos que ocurrieron cuando practicaba los deportes diferentes en la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Usa el imperfecto progresivo y el pretérito para... more
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present perfect subjunctive

Fill in each blank with the most appropriate form of the present perfect subjunctive.2. Ojalá que los productores ______(INCLUIR) comedia en el programa. 4. ¡Ojala que mi actor... more


present perfect subjunctive

Fill in each blank with the correct form of the present perfect subjunctive1. Espero que tú __________ (TRATAR) de comer más frutas y vegetales. 2. También, ojalá que tú _____________ (CONSUMIR)... more
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Present Subjunctive

Present Subjunctive Help!!!!Es importante que tú _____________ (ESCUCHAR) muy bien.Es importante que tú _____________ (ESTUDIAR) mucho porque te puede ayudar en el futuro.Es importante que tú me... more
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the correct form of the present subjunctive

I need help with the the correct form of the present subjunctiveMe sorprende que todos Uds. no ___________ (RECICLAR) todos los días.¡Ojalá que mi familia __________ (RECOGER) la basura que está en... more


el presente de subjuntivo

correct form of the present subjunctive?Me sorprende que todos Uds. no ___________ (RECICLAR) todos los días.¡Ojalá que mi familia __________ (RECOGER) la basura que está en el piso!Me molesta que... more
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logical form of the present indicative or the present subjunctive

Tengo un novio que no ___________ (SABER) la galletaPero, yo quiero tener un novio que ____________ (SABER) preparar mis platos favoritos.Mis amigas tienen novios que... more
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Present tense help!!

I need help with finding the present tense!!Yo ___________ (QUERER) viajar a Dubai un día.Mis amigos ____________ (PENSAR) que es importante trabajar mucho.Mi familia y yo ____________ (ALMORZAR)... more
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Spanish help needed

Nosotros __________ estudiantes buenos, ¿no? ser verb?En la mañana nosotros ___________ (TOMAR) mucho café. verb formMis padres ___________ (TRABAJAR) mucho en la mañana después del desayuno.A... more
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Spanish Help Ser vs es

Hola amigas and amigos!I need help with my spanish, I am working on how to remember and ser vs estar and few other areas.Nosotros __________ estudiantes buenos, ¿no? Mi padre... more
Spanish 1


(Spanish 101) Fill in the correct indirect object pronoun.

Complete the following sentences using one of the verbs from the list bellow, according to the meaning of the sentence. Remember that these verbs behave like "gustar". Verbos: interesar - emociona... more
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Jimena dice que la falda azul no es elegante

its a spanish question
Spanish 1


1. las plumas/ encima/ los escritorios

Use the cues to write sentences talking the location of things.
Spanish 1


Use of the Verb Ser

My son is taking Spanish and we have ten phrases that must be translated using the verb ser: 1. I am young2. The boys are funny3. Shaq and Hakeem are tall4. Tony Hawk and I are daring5. You (s/fam)... more
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I need complete sentences and I don't understand.

quemaste un disco la semana pasada
Spanish 1


The verb SER means "to be" as does the verb ESTAR.

This if for a Spanish final in 9th grade. 
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Contestas a tu amigo?

How do i answer this in spanish

Help translating from English to Spanish

Hello,   My 3rd grader is taking her first spanish course and she was asked for an assignment to write an essay about her summer vacation. Unfortunately, her teacher has not covered all the... more

SPANISH 101 HELP?! " A que distancia...?"

Hello! am an intro to spanish student and I have to record a brief dialogue with an online partner and the prompt for the dialogue is: ¿A qué distancia...? Interview your partner to find out the... more
Spanish 1


Pablo es reservado y le gusta estudiar. Pablo es

i need help with these spanish questions 
Spanish 1 Spanish Verbs


Fill in the blanks that come after the numbers in parenthesis with the correct spanish ir verb. Thanks

Complete the paragraph with the correct forms of the verb ir. Alina, Cristina y yo somos buenas amigas. Nosotras (1) _ _ _ _ a la escuela a las siete de la mañana todos los días. Ellas y yo (2) _ _... more
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How to write in Spanish?

How to say with imperfect and preterite in Spanish the following paragraph? " I rode a camel when I travel to Petra in Jordan. I was sweating from walking in the hot desert. My grandma sat down... more


Spanish help!!

Answer each question as indicated. 1. ¿Qué comes en la cafetería de tu escuela? (pollo y ensalada) 2. ¿Qué beben tú y tus amigos cuando están en un café? (refrescos) 3. ¿Qué leen ustedes cuando... more

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