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Hi, I'm learning how to write essays but I'm not sure whether I got everything right. So, can anyone take a look at what I wrote and let me know what is missing and what should be removed (this piece isn't for any class). Thanks in advance.
The American Dream isn’t just a mere dream. It’s a hope one has for not only their country, but for themselves as a hardworking US citizen. There are several different categories of people in which these dreams are aspired. Women, men, farmers, the lost generation are all capable of pursuing the American dream, but each and every one displays their dreams in different ways.

The Lost Generation was a group of young modern artists, writers, and dreamers who wanted to see America as non-materialistic and unoccupied in countless war efforts, unlike the country that existed. They saw such potential in their country and how great she could become. This group of modernists was given their title “The Lost Generation” by Gertrude Stein. Stein came upon this clever name one day when a group came into her salon in Paris to discuss their aspirations.

One of the Lost Generation's greatest inspirers was Ernest Hemingway, perhaps even the best Lost Generation writer. Hemingway expressed these “lost” ideas in one of his most famous novels, “The Sun Also Rises”. This novel took place in Paris and talked a lot about the ideas Europeans countries possessed and how this group of lost generation Americans wanted to be a part of it. This rapidly growing group of 30,000 people was attracted to the “artistic license, sexual freedom, and the absence of prohibition” says Tony Roberts (77), all of which America ran strictly on at the time. This all pertains to the American Dream ironically because this large group of people’s personal American Dream, sadly enough, didn't even take place in America.

The novel, “The Sun Also Rises”, central idea, according to Tony Roberts, is “the only way to get what you want in life, is if you pay for it yourself. Those who earn their money, like main characters Jake and Bill, deserve it and can be trusted, but those who waste it, like the other main character Lady Brett Ashley, are not to be trusted by any means”(78). The main idea of earning your money and using it wisely definitely falls into a leading category of American culturetoday; Capitalism. Capitalism and Entrepreneurship tie into the American Dream in a sense that capitalism is the actual American dream to a lot of people.

It’s widely known that gender equality is still a bit of an unstable topic to this day. Yes, women have gained a lot of rights; voting, more jobs, etc. but some may argue that women still to this day aren’t as equal as everyone thinks. It all started with the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. This was a major milestone for women in history and truly the beginning of everything that has come today of women’s rights.

Women’s rights are definitely an occurring issue. More specifically, the wage gap between men and women. In 2014, a group of full-time working women in California made a weekly wage of $785 while a group of men working the same amount of time as the women earned $879. While it’s only about a hundred dollar gap, it still makes all the difference.

In addition, Women have been fighting for their rights since the dawn of time and has been the American Dream for a lot of women in the United States. However, Women’s Right’s seems to be a universal subject. Women all over the globe experience the need to fight for their gender equality. Authors Deborah Lee and Geraldine Wagner express this idea very well in their news article “Women’s Rights are Universal”.

If the title didn’t give it away already, the main focus of the article explains that Women’s Rights are just the same as general Human Rights and should be treated that way. The author asks “Given that it took the United States nearly 150 years to grant women the right to vote alongside men, is it reasonable to demand that every third world nation achieves a degree of gender equality immediately?” Maybe gaining women's rights could not only fall under the category of an American dream, but also under a universal dream.

“Get rich quick” the leery stock market salesman said. Everybody wants to be rich! Why, it’s the American Dream! Well, it goes a little something like “boom and bust”. Time to hop in line to get some free donuts and coffee because, yes, the stock market has crashed. October 29th, 1929 investigators found that $30 billion was lost in the crash of the stock market. Not only did the gullible citizens who threw their life savings into the market suffer, but one of America’s most important people suffered as well; Farmers.

Farmers are very significant to The American Dream. Without them, there would be no dreams because there would have no food and more than likely, no one would be here right now. US citizens, as well as food corporations, who purchased food from farmers could no longer afford it thus causing some of the farmers to go bankrupt. Farmers lost a lot of sales even with the low prices they put on their crops. Also, Farmers joined together in labor unions and threatened to cut off all milk produced for the cities. By doing this, they hoped to raise prices.

The stock market crash lead to The Great Depression, which affected the minorities living in America the most; African Americans, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans. Think about it, the minorities already had the lowest ranking paying jobs that existed so all of the people with nice paying jobs filled in the minority’s jobs, leaving them with absolutely nothing. All anybody who lived in, or immigrated to America, wanted was to be a part of the beautiful “American Dream”, have liberty, and be an independent spirit. Little did they know that America had just reached rock bottom. Let’s not forget where America stands today though. America managed to climb back up to a stable country. That’s what the American Dream is all about; starting from the very bottom and making it up to the top as an individual.

In conclusion, everybody has a dream for themselves, but it just depends on how one uses that dream to better themselves and their country. The Lost Generation saw a brighter future for America; no wars, peace and what not. They displayed their thoughts through protesting and letting their voices be heard by the public thinking maybe, just maybe they could make a change in their country. Women fought for hundreds of years to gain any source of a voice for their gender and successfully enough, they did.. Farmers supplied their people then in the hardest times and haven’t stopped doing so since simply because it’s their dream.

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