Michael D.

asked • 05/21/16

Pre Calculus

Use the given triangle to evaluate the trigonometric expression. The graph is a right triangle, the side on the y-axis =5 and the side o the x-axis =12. The hypotenuse is not given. sin(y/2)=?
a) 2/√3
b) 4/13
c) 6/13
d) √8/13

Andrew M.

You have a right triangle with leg lengths of 5 and 12.
The hypotenuse will be 13.
This is from the Pythagorean Theorem:  a2+b2=c2
169 = c2
√169 = c
13 = c
However; since there is no picture here... I'm not sure
what your "y/2" signifies in sin(y/2) = ?


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Norbert W. answered • 07/09/16

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Andrew M. answered • 05/22/16

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