Kayla M.

asked • 01/20/16

After the plane has traveled, how high is it? How far horizontally is it, from its initial position?

A large passenger aircraft accelerates down the runway for a distance of 3,000m before leaving the ground.  It then climbs at a steady 3.0° angle.  After the plane has traveled 3,000m along this new trajectory,
a) How high is it?
b) How far horizontally is it, from its initial position?

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Yohan C. answered • 01/20/16

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Kayla M.

I believe in part B, the initial position would be before take-off.  Would that make sense?  Would it still be cos(3)*3000 (in degrees) for part b?


Yohan C.

If it is before take-off, you must add an extra 3000m to 3000 * cos (3) (in degrees) after leaving the ground.  So, it will be 3000 (before take-off) + ( 3000 * cos (3) ) (after leaving the ground).  Don't forget to include correct units for the answer.
Good luck to you.
Yohan Chu   (LV  NV)


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