Sophia D.

asked • 12/20/15

how many grams of sugar would you need to have the same number of particles as 5.0 grams of salt?

I'm having a hard time with my chemistry lab, please help!

1 Expert Answer


Eduardo C.

that's wrong because the chemical formula for sugar (sucrose) is C12H22O11


Fernan L.

Hello Eduardo,
It appears that you have some insight as to the source of the question. Did the question from the source state that it was sucrose? As I re-read the Wyzant Resources question, it did not specify the type of sugar (monosaccharide, disaccharide, oligosaccharide) for the problem. If it does/did, then thank you for the correction. Otherwise then perhaps you missed my qualifying remark: "Sugar = let us assume it is glucose".  Speaking of sugar, I am going to get some ice cream. Have a good night Eduardo.


Brooklyn M.

The source did happen to state that it was sucrose, as I have the original source of information in front of me at the moment. But thank you so much for your help!


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