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how do you do a divsion symbol

I am learning how to simplify expressions, how do you find out how to use the divsion symbol on the computer?


The numbers pad on your computer has the / symbol for use with your computer's calculator. Use the / symbol for division, and, you can use the / symbol found on your computer keyboard (on the ? key) for division, if you are using the computer's calculator. 
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2 Answers

Hi Gavin,
I you are using Microsoft excel, the division symbol is /. Therefore the excel formula construction would be: =50/10. The is answer is obviously 5. another way to illustrate, if the number 50 is in cell A1. =A1/10. Also =(5*4)+50/5 will equal 30, following the rule of Multiply, Divide, Add, then Subtract; the formula will multiply (5*4) first, then divide (50/5), then add the result.   Hope this was helpful.  Let me know.
Warren K.
Hi Gavin;
If you are using Microsoft Word, you will INSERT a SYMBOL.  Within the list of symbols, you should find the division sign.