John B.

asked • 10/11/15

Repeated posting: Add these vectors or subtract them? corrected a typo in the problem

A jet plane intended to be on a velocity and course of 870 knots, 44 degrees south of west encounters wind. The flight tower shows that their actual velocity and path is 840 knots, 49 degrees south of west. What was the velocity and direction of the wind?
I would appreciate multiple answers on this one because I think the teacher worked this problem totally wrong. thanks (:

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Bob K. answered • 10/11/15

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John B.

Thank you Bob K. If you have time, could you please just determined a final answer for the problem. By the way, my teacher just added the two given vectors together and presented that as a solution to this problem.


Bob K.

John - I know some provide complete answers but Wyzant discourages that and I agree with them. It is important to work through and understand each step of a problem. That way you can work similar problems. Try to solve using the info I have given. Perhaps other students have worked it the way I have. If you would like more help I would be glad to set up one or more tutoring sessions with you.


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