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Can anyone help me write a story using these words?

  1. book;

  2. lightbulb;

  3. fish;

  4. tree;

  5. fountain;

  6. turtle;

  7. airplane;

  8. magnet;

  9. alien


Sure! I can! Looks like fun - where do you want to start? Fiction, or non-fiction? Past, presesent, or future?  Let's collaborate and then post the final version as the Answer to your question...  I'll ask you leading questions and help you develop the story plot.  First step is to organize, maybe do a brief outline so we know where we're going...

I dont want it to be true, present. Umm maybe something based on the animals including the alien being the main topic and everything else extras

Hey Courtney, how many words does this story have to be? Short, like children's, or long like essays. 

So from where does our alien hail (home planet/galaxy/universe/dimension?)

Any special qualification or descriptors (like physical attributes/appearance, behaviors, quirks)?  Is it a he or her or neigher one?  his/her/its Likes or dislikes?

Quick question, to help be understand your level of knowledge and development:  what's your approximate age?

There was a fish and turtle that was on a airplane to booty island. They wanted to go there in one flight. But there was one problem. They landed to a island called deez nuts first before they were able to go to booty island. They got mad but then a lightbulb (IDEA) dinged on top of the fishes head. He got his awesome phone out to call his freind alien. He asked to get a ride on his ship to booty island. The alien friend finally came over to the island deez nuts and let them get on his ship. The turtle was reading a book and the fish was sleeping while the alien was riding the ship. They were almost there the alien just needed to land on a huge magnet, but instead he crashed in a tree. The fish and turtle got out and wanted to go swimming. The alien said to stop and help, but the fish and turtle didn't listen.
Not real ok? >.<

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The lightbulb I was reading my book about the alien race living on a fictional planet called Lunosity some light years away, decided to desist and I was left blind sitting by the fountain by the tree in the courtyard of the Manors.  I could hear the turtle and fish splashing in the water until they were subdued by the airplane flying overhead because of all the magnetism found in abundance in the fields surrounding the forms in the area.  

Just a thought.

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A story gets more interesting imo, if you try to combine the subjects in an unusual way. In fantasy and fiction things are never what they look like. Also try some unexpected turns. Think out of the box and try it. Here an example:



It's almost dark, hidden by clouds the setting sun, spending just a hazy notion of her power. I am so tired that i just barely keep my eyes open. That changes drastically with an abominable noise of an airplane breaking through the clouds. Now my eyes are wide open as I recognize: by no means is this an airplane, it looks like a flying saucer! No, no I correct myself, there are no such things like flying saucers. But, this is real. My feelings are a mix of fear and fascination.

The THING crashes our beautiful old oak tree as it as it comes down. Our planet and unfortunately our rural property attractes IT like a magnet. It crumps close to our front yard, the fountain spills its water. I am shaking, pressing my hand gainst mouth, nose and eyes, peeping thoroug my fingers. Only the fish fountain spout and it's bronze turtle friend are not impressed when a small port opens and an alien climbs out.

I can't help, I have to shout out keenly: "IT'S ET - HE'S BACK....".

My mother enters my bedroom. She is angry when she discovers that I dimmed the lightbulb with a scraf: "i told you to cut your light of and stop reading these scrary book...". I try not to smile, eager to go back to my dream.

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I would say watch or read something inspiring to help get your creative juices flowing.  Is there a book series that everyone is talking about that you'd like to read?  Was there a news story that you found to be intriguing?  This is how I get through my own writer's block, and I'm a novelist.   You should never take someone's story.  I think that is insulting to your own intelligence and creativity.  Also, I would advise you not to go with the obvious.  Alien can be used in multiple ways. Look up different sentences that use the word "alien."  I guarantee that more than half the people in your class are going to write about aliens.  The same goes for the other words.  They don't have to be used literally.  For example, turtle can be used to describe something else.  It could be used in a simile or a metaphor  Think outside of the box.  Be original. 

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In order for you to write a story using those 9 words, you need to organize them. Pick what words you want to be your theme (you said the animals and the alien). That's the easy part! Now, decide how you want to use the other words.

Maybe each animal takes an object with them on the airplane they fly to see the alien in space? But talk about why it was important that the turtle wanted to take the lightbulb, etc.

Or some of your words could describe the setting of your story (fish, tree, turtle, fountain). Maybe your story takes place by a pond or lake in a park. Maybe the alien crashes into the pond? 

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Well how do you like this idea if your main topic is going to be the alien. 

Main character: You                  Setting: a barn and a small town

1. Your reading an enticing book under a dim lightbulb. For weeks, you have wanted to change the lighting but had become obsessed with completing the novel. You have just reached the most exciting part of this book where an alien crashed his spaceship near a barn. While you are exceptionally tired to continue, you want to know whether the alien survives or not. 

2. Just when the story gets even more interesting with the alien surviving the crash, you hear a loud roar from outside. It is near midnight and the cattle inside the barn starts to get anxious. Against your wishes to depart from the book, you take out a flashlight to check what happened. When you open the barn door slightly, an airplane engine's roar could be heard from above. You assume that junk had rusted the old thing and someone had gone out of their mind to ride such a noisy transport at this time. Just when you close the door, you see flames rising from the side of your town, which is not far away from site. 

3. Assume your parents are away for work or whatever. You grab the truck keys and drive over to see what it is. Your excitement is natural due to the fact that you are wondering if what had happened in the book might actually take place at your own locale. 

4. You stop the truck at the edge of the town where the flames are coming from. Before you leave your truck, the compass your parents use often with a country map goes awry. Its magnet no longer works and you become even more cautious and curious about the flames ahead. Stepping out of the truck, you pass a residential fountain with a giant turtle statue gauking at you. The aquatic environment has a lone fish swimming lazily but certainly worriedly.  It too is aware of the unwanted incident. 

5. From here, you can either make an encounter with a friendly alien who is hurt or a destructive alien who is well...destructive. 

6. After your narration of your encounter with the alien, you wake up facing the book and the lightbulb flickering above and you realize that you slept through the entire night and figured that nothing had really happened. Perhaps, you could make this almost like an alice in the wonderland story. 


This is just one idea for you to get started. Hope this gets you going with the writing!