Samantha B.

asked • 04/20/15

Relations and Inverse Functions

So I am trying to study notes and do homework for my math class. We are studying Relations and Inverse functions. I know how to go from a Relation to a Inverse function and when i am given the domain and range I can graphg. I do not know how to find my own domain and range to graph my relation. My homework problems are telling me I need to take the relation and turn it into a Inverse function and graph both. How do I find the ordered pairs to graph? One of the first problems says y=3-7x. Please help me understand how to graph this. Also the Inverse function I got was x= (3-7)/7 

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Samantha B.

So what do I plug in when it comes to the Inverse Function 3-y over 7?


Paul J.

Hi Samantha,
You have quite a bit of freedom.
You can pick values that do not make the denominator of a fraction 0. 
Often people will pick numbers near 0 like -2,-1,0,1,2 , but it is up to you.
Let me know if this helpful.
Best regards?


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