What is the most important feature of ASL?

I have found in learning ASL that the most important feature of the language is the use of your signing space because ASL is a "VISUAL/SPATIAL' language. Understanding how to use your signing space... more

Punctuation for the phrase "including but not limited to"?

When using the phrase "including but not limited to", how should it be punctuated?When used in the following (no punctuation):> There are many activities including but not limited to running... more


Movie/Game Release Date

how would i discuss the release date of a movie/game?


What is the sign for "landslide," "mudslide" "sinkhole," "rockfall?"

Just curious because I don't see much info on natural disasters like these. I've seen hurricane, tornado, earthquake, and volcano but none of these. Would you just fingerspell some of these?

What is a funny experience you have had as an ASL teacher?

Share a funny experience you have had in your career related to teaching ASL.

Book Publication Data Page?

In an English-language book, we conventionally have, among the first few pages, a page displaying essential data concerning the book: Library of Congress Cataloguing Data, various credits,... more

Is the expression "as promised in the list" correct?

I'm reading the book Looking for Alaska by John Green and studying English grammar at the same time. As far as I know, we must use "on" with "list". Is it a grammar mistake?> As promised **in**... more

What do denotation and connotation mean in the study of vocabulary?

Two concepts that are sometimes confused are denotation and connotation. What do these two words mean exactly in the study of vocabulary?

Is a vocabulary word the same as a morpheme?

How are vocabulary words different from morphemes in concept?


How do children learn sign languages?


The sign for “hear/ heard”

i’ve noticed recently that a lot of signs (at least in asl in the midwest) have been changing to separate from the english/ hearing roots. for example removing starting letters from signs like... more

What is the fine line between "confidence" and "presumption"?

I am about to apply to a grad school, and I have prepare the SOP for it (think it like a cover letter to apply to a job). I know the rule: show what I've got, not tell how I think I'm cool. I've... more


What is this sign?

I'm an ASL 101 student and this particular sign is used talking about languages we've known/learned throughout growing up, high school and college. It's a y handshape with palms down moving forward... more


How has sign language evolved?


Confused on syntax

I’m really confused because I’m watching a video that explains syntax and she says TOPIC COMMENT REFERENT, but on the asl app they sign it as standard English grammar. So that SHOULD mean the app... more


How would I say you're driving me crazy in ASL?


Hello all! I ran across some sign language and was hoping someone wouldn't mind translating

This panel was in a comic book I was reading and one of the characters speaks in ASL: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4a/84/2b/4a842b0bb86d834e2eb6f51a4c81a6a0.jpg Searching google all I could... more


Need help with a sign - 2 fingers Flicking Chin

I try to learn new signs that I might need to know by videos. I came across a sign I wasn't familiar with. The video is a man signing to his newly born baby and he is saying she is beautiful. Then... more


Trying to remember what this means

What does it mean when you have both your hands with the pointer finger extended and bring them down at the same time? I can’t remember if the palm faces up at first or not also.


How do you sign "I think so" ?

So, I say "I think so" a lot when I'm speaking and I was wondering what the ASL equivalent would be

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