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Comparison English Vocabulary Asl


Are ASL signs the same as English words on your hands?

Comparison Math Ratios


Write comparison as a ratio to lowest terms : 54 ft to 60 yards

Comparison Logic Php If Statement


Type-juggling and (strict) greater/lesser-than comparisons in PHP?

PHP is famous for its type-juggling. I must admit it puzzles me, and I'm having a hard time to find out basic logical/fundamental things in comparisons. For example: If `$a > $b` is true and... more
Comparison Python String Equality


Why does comparing strings using either '==' or 'is' sometimes produce a different result?

I've got a Python program where two variables are set to the value `'public'`. In a conditional expression I have the comparison `var1 is var2` which fails, but if I change it to `var1 == var2` it... more


Why is it “ich” and not “mich” in the sentence “Er war kleiner als ich”?

Every time I think I understand accusative, I find something that pokes holes in my understanding. Most recently, I’ve operated on the understanding that any time you have two distinct entities... more


How much orange juice do you need?

Orange juice and grape juice are mixed in a ratio of 3:5. How much orange juice do you need if you want 24dl of the juice mix?

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