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which pair of statements is true?

-15 < 9 and |-15| < |9|


can you help me with math I don't understand that.

Graph the set.(−7, 0) ∪ (−4, 6)



why cant i simplfy tan^2csc^2-1 to tan^2cot^2 ?


To find the number of students playing football.

In a school,42% students liked to play football and 24% liked to play tennis. The rest of the students chose swimming,how many students liked to play football?


1.5 divided by 2.5

Help with this please?


Tenses Question

Hi.., This is Vishal. Could you please, let me know the below line is in which tense and how. 1) --> " Will not be carried forward." ( Can't we write like " Will not be carry forward.") Future... more


geometry question please help

if ∠1=x+3 and ∠2=4x-27, find ∠1 and ∠2

Write a quadratic function based on a set of x and f(x) values/points.

Use the table to write a quadratic function of the form f(x)=ax2+bx+c (-5,99) , (-2,30) , (1,-3)  

Find derivative of cosx at x=0

Using the formula, derivative of f at point a is denoted by f'(a), f'(a)=Lim(h→0) (f(a+h)-f(a)) /h


In a right angled triangle ABC. Right angled at A, angle B is 40°.if M is the mid point of hypotenuse BC.then angle AMC=?

Dear sir please explain the above problem. This questions 


What is a quarilateral with exactly one pair of parallel side?

Thank you so much in advance!💙


Linear equations

A rod WZ is cut into 3 parts, WX, XY, and YZ respectively. If WY:YZ=2:1, WX:XZ=2:3, and XY=8 cm, find the length of the rod.


Construct a trapezium ABCD with AB||CD where AB=6cm, CD=4cm, /_A= 70°, /_ABD =30°.

Construct a Trapezium from the chapter construction of quadrilaterals page number 214 of CBSE book..... class 8

What does 1.10 represent in the equation of population?

The population of a city after x years us modeled by the equation y=20000(1.10)x . What does 1.10 represent in the equation?


What is the rate of decay of the population of bacteria?

The population of a bacteria after x numbers of hours is modeled by the expression 1000(0.75)x . What is the rate of decay of the population of bacteria?

Find the value of lamda from given equation of pair of straight lines

If the two lines are represented by the the equation (lamda)x^2+2y^2–5xy+5x–7y+3=0,then lamda is equal to

Which percent represents how much longer the length of Rectangle B must be to maintain the same area as Rectangle A?

Rectangle A has a length of 80 inches and a width of 30 inches. Rectangle A has the same area as Rectangle B, but has different dimensions. The width of Rectangle B is 80% shorter than the width of... more


The model year of a vehicle and the amount of miles it has been driven

What is the correl between the year of the car and the miles drive? Is it positiv, negative or no correlation

Find the matching value for f

Find the matching value for f in the function below. The independent variable is in radians.   ƒ(π/4) = cos(cos-1x)


what was the total number of votes?

The residents of a city voted on whether to raise property taxes. The ratio of yes votes to no votes was 3 to 2. If there were 1062 no votes, 


I need to write an equation using point slope form with these numbers given to me (4,5) and a slope of 2

I need to write that in point slope form

Can the sides of a triangle have lengths 5, 14, and 17?

yes or no

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