A snail moved 0.49 m/h how far will it move in 52 minutes.

Velocity and distance


The measures of two vertical angles are represented by (4x-7)°and (2x+13)°. What is the sum of the two angle measures?

I need it for homework pls and thx XD Pls respond fast :(((((((((((!1!1


how to find the slope of a line

i was given the graph of 3x+2y=8 i want to know how to find the slope of the line


If p(x) = 2x2 – 4x and q(x) = x – 3, what is (p•q)(x)

Please help me solve 

I need the answer to this word problem

A person invested $30 comma 000 in stocks and bonds. Her investment in bonds is $3000 more than half her investment in stocks. How much did she invest in stocks? How much did she invest in bonds?


math 6th grades

There are 14 boys and 19 girls in the school jazz band. Find the ratio of the number ofBoys in the band to the total number of students in the band.The ratio of the number of boys to the total... more

how can you share 2/3 gallon of water equally among 8 hikers

i am complete lost i dont understand the question


Average of 24,14 and 22

hi, please help me. I'm studying for a test but I don't know what this means. And I can't find a decent website that will show me the answer. please show me what is the average of 24,14 and 22 ;(


(2,-3),(-3,2),(2,3),(-2,3) is this equation a function

math question


A cell phone company charges a monthly fee plus $0.25 for each text message. The monthly fee is $30.00 and you owe $59.50. How many text messages did you have?

I don't understand this question for my math homework. Help please 


I need help with a unit rate problem (doesn't fit in here)

I DO NOT get this.


How much did each item cost?

You paid $6.80 more for a pair of pants than you did for a shirt. Your bill for the pants and shirt was $68.80. How much did each item cost?


I dont understand a problem in pre algebra that my teacher gave me

Manuel bought 9 pounds of apples. He has eaten three fourths of a pound so far and has $15 worth of apples left. Write and solve an equation to find the cost of the apples per pound to the nearest... more


What are the solutions:


is (-5,-2),(-2,7),(-3,2),(0,-2),(2,-7) a function

is  (-5,-2),(-2,7),(-3,2),(0,-2),(2,-7) a function if so how do yoou know?


Mr. Fisher needed to apply 4.5 pounds of fertilizer per 1000 square feet of lawn for the type of grass in his lawn. if he has 2500 square feet of lawn, about how many pounds of fertilizer does he... more


Will someone please help me with this question?

One of every 20 customers reports poor customer service on your company’s customer satisfaction survey. You have just created a new process that should cut the number of poor customer service... more


Three times the difference of a number x and seven is twenty-three minus the sum of three times a number x and two. What is the value of x?

What is the value of x and if there isn't a solution is it no solution or all solution.  


Allison went to work at 3p.m. she work for 5 hours and 25 minutes. What time did she get off work

Need to see the work I know the answer


janie is making a bracelet. She has 1 red bead, 1 blue bead and 1 white bead. how many possible ways can janie arrange the beads

just need to figure out the best way to explain to my daughter so that she understands.

In description.

A kitchen sink faucet streams 0.5 gallons of water in 10 seconds. A bathroom sink faucet streams 0.75 gallons in 18 seconds Which faucet will fill a 3-gallon container faster?

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