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A rocket takes off at 230 feet per second. When will it reach it’s maximum height?h=-16r2+230r


In the last basketball game, Elena scored 2 more than one fourth of her teams total points.

Let n represent the number of points Elena’s team scored.Write an expression for the number of points Elena scored.

Vectors/Physics- Boat Crossing River

The current in a straight river is flowing so that if a motorboat travels upstream at an angle of 20 degrees with a velocity of 15km/hr, it will land at a spot on the opposite shore directly... more

word problem royal fruit

The Royal Fruit Company produces two types of fruit drinks. The first type is 65% pure fruit juice, and the second type is 90% pure fruit juice. The company is attempting to produce a fruit drink... more


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Amy is going to rent a truck for one day. There are two companies she can choose from, and they have the following prices. Company A has no initial fee but charges 60 cents for every... more


Quadratic word problems

The area of a rectangle is 54 ft 2 , and the length of the rectangle is 3 ft more than twice the width . Find the dimensions of the rectangle


Find the cost of each pound of trail mix and each pound of jelly beans.

A store is having a sale on trail mix and jelly beans. For 2 pounds of trail mix and 12 pounds of jelly beans, the total cost is $37.For 5 pounds of trail mix and 3 pounds of jelly beans, the total... more


The perimeter of a semicircle is 10.28 centimeters. What is the semicircle's diameter?

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Brisa's kite is flying above a soccer field at the end of 43 m of string. If the angle of elevation to the kite measures 72, and Brisa is holding the kite 1.2 m off the ground. How high above the... more

suppose both bands decide to combine and perform as one band. What fraction of the band members will play a brass instrument?

At Carter school, 1/3 students play percussion, 2/5 brass, 4/15 woodwind. At Reagan School, 1/3 play woodwind, 1/6 percussion, and 1/2 brass. We know that Carter has 30 total musicians and Reagan... more



The MTC Theater holds 250 people and last night's performance still out! Students under the age of 16 paid $2.50 per ticket while everyone else pair $4.00 per ticket. Last night's show brought... more


math in the real world

Mrs. Kash put her turkey in the oven at 9:26am. She set the timer for 4 hours and 15 minutes. What time was the turkey ready?


how do you do this?

Consider the region in the xy-plane defined the following set of linear inequalities.x≥0, y≥0 x≤10x+y≥5, x+2y≤181) Find the vertices of the feasible region.2) What is the maximum and the minimum... more


You spend $262.00 on the front yard and $220.00 on the back yard. What is the cost of each type of flower bulb?

You decide to buy 30 tulip bulbs and 32 daffodil bulbs for your front yard, and 16 tulip bulbs and 40 daffodil bulbs for your back yard. What would be the cost for each type? This is for my algebra... more


The ratio of the number of adults to the number of children at a concert is 5 to 3. If there is a total of 120 people at the concert, how many are children?

The ratio of the number of adults to the number of children at a concert is 5 to 3. If there is a total of 120 people at the concert, how many are children?


Jim rode for what hours?

Jim began a 205​-mile bicycle trip to build up stamina for a triathlete competition.​ Unfortunately, his bicycle chain​ broke, so he finished the trip walking. The whole trip took 9 hours. If Jim... more

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