2) Find what was earned at 7% and 2%

An investor invested a total of ​$3,400 in two mutual funds. One fund earned a 7​% profit while the other earned a 2​% profit. If the​ investor's total profit was ​$148​, how much was invested in... more


distance rate time questions

Two​ joggers, one averaging 6mph and one averaging 5​mph, start from a designated initial point. The slower jogger arrives at the end of the run 25minutes after the other jogger. Find the distance... more


fraction help - word problem

there are 360 jellybeans in all. tim eats 1/4 of them, roger eats 2/5 of them and beth eats 2/9 of them. how many jelly beans do they each eat? how many are left?


If g(x) = -x² - 10, find g(-4).


Algebra help is needed

Find the​ slope-intercept form of the line with the given slope and​ y-intercept.Slope equals=3/4​y-intercept equals= -4/9

Chapter 4 Systems of Linear Equations

An employment agency specializing in temporary construction help pays heavy equipment operators $131 per day and general laborers $100 per day. If thirty-one people were hired and the payroll was... more


math problem help

A model rocket is launched with an initial upward velocity of 235/fts. The rocket's height h (in feet) after t seconds is given by the following.h=−235t-16t^2Find all values of t for which the... more


A pair of six sided dice is rolled.what is the probality of rolling the sum less than or equal to 4

Need hekp trying to understand question

Find the speed of the jet in still air and the speed of the wind.

A passenger jet can fly 1,290 miles in 3 hours with a taiwind but only 1,230 miles in 3 hours into a headwind. 


x is an integer

wreite down all the solutuons of the innequality 3<2x+1<11


Sophia had 1/4 of cake leftover she split the cake between her and her friend how much of the cake did they get

I need help can i get some please  

Measurement Conversion

How do I convert 7.0 metres to feet?


if p(A)=0.6 and p(B)=0.5 then p(B/A) equals



What is the parent function of a parabola in standard position?

Algebra 1 Proabola

what is 3 units from 1 1/2 ona number line

please tell me the correct answer by saying where it would be at on a number line


how much gas would you use for each car if you were going to be traveling 450 miles on your trip

Compare the miles per gallon that each car averages on the highway

What is the width of the retangle?

The width of a retangle is 2 feet shorter than its length. If its width is decreased by 1 foot and its length is increased by 4 feet, its area would be increased by 21 square feet. what is the... more


Increase half of 90 by one fifth

I want the solution of this word problem.


Katie walks a total distance of 24 blocks

Katie walks a total distance of 24 blocks from school to her house. Andrea walks half as far as Katie to get to her house. Rob lives three-fourths of the distance between andrea's house and katie's... more

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