The History of Southern Gospel and Spirituals?

I am interested in the history of Southern Gospels and Spirituals. 1. How did these styles begin? What are the history's behind them? Can you suggest an article concerning the history? 1. Are there... more


Congregational involvement in Protestant and Catholic services during the time of Luther?

How involved was the congregation in the performance of music in a Protestant service of Martin Luther and a Catholic service in the Counter-Reformation?

Do piano composers often start out with C major?

I'm wondering if composers write their pieces starting with C major since it's just the white keys, and then later transpose the finished song to the key of their choice? Or will starting with... more


Object pronoun placement preferences?

`Quiero verte` and `te quiero ver` both mean the same thing and are both grammatically and syntactically correct. Other similar pairs that come to mind are: - `Voy a llamarle` vs. `le voy a... more

Is the secondary dominant the same if my target chord is a major or minor of the same root?

Say my **target chord** is D major or D minor in two separate keys. For example let's say D major is in the key of G major (the V chord) and let's say the D minor is in the key of F major (the vi... more

What is the correct way of saying "I have already done my homework" in Spanish?

I am trying to say the simple sentence below in Spanish. >I have already done my homework Google translate gives me the translation below. >Ya hice mi tarea My attempt is below which... more


Is Spanish the Same the World Over?


How can I practice my Spanish more in public?


Is it possible to self-teach Spanish and be like native?


What does the Spanish phrase 'Como no!" mean in English?


What are some funny sayings in Spanish?


What do people learning Spanish struggle with most?


How many countries speak Spanish?


In Spanish, when do you use "volver" and "devolver"?


make sentence

1. that, were, you, to, than, easier, said, girls, bring, boys, up. 2. was, place, said, the, you, woman's, home, that, in, a.

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