Solve the following question.

Find the points on the curve y=x^2+3x-7 at which the slope of the tangent line is equal to 4.


Probability Question

You have rolled a fair six-sided die three times and the result has been one all three times. On the fourth roll, what is the probability of rolling a one?


physics question (kg N s)

In a grocery store, you push a 10.1-kg shopping cart horizontally with a force of 10.8 N.If the cart starts at rest, how far does it move in 2.80s 

Solve the equation for P

Solve G = mP^2 + 10P for PP= ___________


how do i solve the problem

From their opening​ dates, musical A and musical B have together made ​$7.5 billion worldwide. Musical A has made ​$0.6 billion more than twice what musical B has made. Find the revenue of each... more

Math question word problem

A trimaran boat with a top speed of 26 knots won the World Cup in 2010 it’s top speed is 5 knots more than 1.5 times the top speed of the winner monohull in the 2007 tournament find the top speed... more


•Do you think Roosevelt really agreed with his own quote?

•In Address on the Occasion of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, President Franklin D. Roosevelt says “The realization that we are bound together by the hope of a common future... more

Appositive Phrases

Could the following sentence be determined as an appositive phrase?"Each programming language, such as Java, Python, Ruby, and HTML, has their own functionality and rules that can accomplish truck... more


Math help please

You burn 10 calories each minute you jog. What integer represents the change in your calories after you jog for 20 minutes?


Help me with this ridiculously difficult question

The grocery store has bulk pecans on sale, which is great since you're planning on making 8 pecan pies for a wedding. How many pounds of pecans should you buy?How many pecans are needed for each... more

a parabola passes through the point (3,5) on its way to the vertex at (7,11). Determine the equation in vertex form that represents this parabola.

A parabola passes through the point (3,5) on its way to the vertex at (7,11). Determine the equation in vertex form that represents this parabola.


..can stop the equipment work/working/from working?

I've just returned from an English exam and there was a sentence that made me wonder (I'm not exactly sure about the wording). The sentence ran like this :> Overheating can stop the equipment... more

Where do I start?

Let’s say I’ve created an outline, have explored my characters properly, and have properly broken down each scene to an appropriate level of detail. I know the story, I know the pacing, and I know... more

Correctness of omitting a definite article or a preposition?

I am writing an essay about my university experiences and a suggested correction from an English Ph.D. sounds wrong to me.The suggestion is>In our meeting to discuss... more


Which flood story was first?

I have heard that the _The Epic of Gilgamesh_ may predate the stories of Noah told in Abrahamic works. Is there any evidence to support which story came first?


What is the character set of the (written) English language?

More specifically: What dictionaries or lexicons (considering all ever published) of the English language contain exhaustive lists of the characters or symbols used in the formation of the words... more

How do you assign Case to sentences with an infinitival clause?

Look at this example: For the butler to attack the robber would be surprising. Here, the butler and the robber are assigned accusative case. Is 'for' assigning case to the butler and 'to attack'... more

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