Members AD, DC and ABC are assumed to be solid rigid members; member ED is a cable. For this structure, determine the reaction at A, the tension on cable ED and the force in member DC.

Link for the structure:

In Figure 1 and using Method of Sections, find the force in CD, BC and AC if the load acting at Joint C is decreased to 2,500 N.

link of figure 1:

In Figure 1 and using Method of Joints, find the force in each of the members and indicate if the they are in tension or compression.

Link of figure 1:


Find offset point of triangle

I need to find the offset distance of 2 points.I start with my basic shapeThe dashed lines are help lines I will offset the line and need to find point X and... more


How many of does he have?

Mason has a collection of 49 cent stamps,20 cent stamps,and 3 cent stamps worth $23.55.He has 56 total 49 cent and 20 cent stamp and the number of 3 cent stamps is nine more than the number of 20... more


If G is the midpoint of FH, find FG

How do you know it is a zero-force member?

How do you know a member is zero-force? Assume I have no knowledge of zero-force members when explaining.

Irene drew a scale drawing of a restaurant. The scale she used was 1 centimeter : 10 meters. If the restaurant's kitchen is 2 centimeters in the drawing, how wide is the actual kitchen?

Scale drawings are very confusing to me, as the IXL tells me that you have to multiply the fractions by the answer, even though I'm trying to find the answer? Please help


a - 5 = 9 check your solution

a-5 = 9 b - 3 = 7  4 = y - 8 x - 7 = 4  y - 6 = 8


A rectangle has an are of 25 square feet.A similar rectangle has an are of 240 square feet.what is the ratio of the areas of these similar rectangles?

I dont understand this question i got 9.6/1 but it counted my answer wrong and no one knows how to help me. A rectangle has an are of 25 square feet.A similar rectangle has an are of 240 square... more


In a room there are 4 sophomores, 3 seniors and 5 juniors. If you randomly select two students what is The probability you select two students from same class?

4 soph  5 juniors 3 senioirs   what is probability if you randomly select two you will end up with 2 in the same class? 


Find the area of the orginal square.

If two opposite sides of a square are increased by 13 meters and the other sides are decreased by 6 meters, the area of the rectangle that is formed is 66 square meters. Find the area of the... more

Equilateral triangle side lengths

There is a large right isosceles triangle with a hypotenuse length of 24. Inside the triangle is an equilateral triangle with a vertex on the midpoint of the hypotenuse. If the length of each side... more


Circumference and radius

Kelsey bought a circular rug that is 8 feet in diameter. The rug has a blue border and a red circular center that is 6 feet in diameter. What is the area of the blue border?


could someone please help me with math?

Reduce the rational expression to lowest terms. If it is already in lowest terms, enter the expression in the answer box. Also, specify any restrictions on the variable. 3/3r+15 Rational expression... more


leah ran 18 laps at the track in 3 days .what is her unit rate of laps per day?

1.leah ran 18 laps at the track in 3 days what is her unit rate of laps per day?   2.jaiver played basket ball for 12 hrs over 3 days what is his unit rate per day?   3. Robert played with his... more


Word problem

Ricky built a model rocket its flight can be modeled by the equation  h = -16 x2 + 135 x, where H is the height of the rocket in feed after 2 seconds. About how long was Ricky's rocket in the air?


How much cloth do you need to produce on side of the quilt?

One side of a quilt is made up of of 100 pieces of cloth sewn together. Half of the pieces are regular octagons and half are squares. Both polygons have a side length of 2 inches. The octagon's... more

Calculating center to center location

You have a box with the width of 27" and two straps positioned equally spaced on the width of the box. How do you calculate the center to center location of the straps?

Can you help me solve this system of equations?

Update: A tomato company wants to purchase a fleet of 20 covered hopper trailers with a capacity of 216,000 cubic feet. Hoppers with 3 different carrying capacitys are available. 6000CF, 9000CF,... more


Polygon Sides

The number of sides of a convex polygon if the sum of the measures of its interior angles is 2,700?

Solving system of equations

A theater has a seating capacity of 900 and charges $4 for children, $6 for students, and $8 for adults. At a certain screening with full attendance, there were half as many adults as children and... more

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