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The hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle is 10 cm longer than either of its legs.

find the exact length of each side. (Hint: An isosceles right triangle is a right triangle whose legs are the same length.)

Prove that the bisector of the vertex angle of an isosceles triangle is the perpendicular bisector of the base.

This is a two column proof Given: ∆ABC is an isosceles triangle. Line BD bisects ∠B Prove: line BD is the perpendicular bisector of line AC

identifying a Leg Length.

what is the length of PR? ______units. PR is 5n. QR is 32+n  

Given p(0,k), q(h,0), r(-h,0) price triangle pqr is isosceles

Given p(0,k), q(h,0), r(-h,0) prove triangle pqr is isosceles  

Give your answers as algebraic expressions.

An angle with a measure of 2x is external to an isosceles triangle. What are the possible measurements for the angels?

What coordinate of the third vertex creates an equilateral triangle?

Suppose two vertices of a triangle are (0,x) and (x,0)

Explain why an isosceles triangle is created if the third vertex in on the line y=x

Suppose two vertices of a triangle are (0,x) and (x,0)

I need help with a problem relating to an isosceles triange.

Question: An isoceles triangle is a triangle that has 2 congruent sides called legs.  An isosceles triangle has a base of 5 centimeters and legs x centimeters long.  The perimeter is no more than... more

semicircles are erected on legs and on the base of a right isosceles triangle. express the sum of the areas shaded lunes as a function of s.

please help me find the answer to this problem with step by step explanation.  thank you 

Equilateral triangle side lengths

There is a large right isosceles triangle with a hypotenuse length of 24. Inside the triangle is an equilateral triangle with a vertex on the midpoint of the hypotenuse. If the length of each side... more

Isosceles triangle folded question?

When an isosceles triangle is folded so that its vertex is on the midpoint of the base, a trapezoid with an area of 12 square units is formed.Find the area of the original triangle.

suppose you have an isosceles triangle

Suppose you have an isosceles triangle, and each of the equal sides has a length of 1 foot. Suppose the angle formed by those two sides is 45 degrees. Then the area of the triangle is ? should be... more

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