How is the Patriot Act funded?

Doing a paper on a specific policy, and when researching the Patriot Act, I could not find anything on how the Act is funded or where the money comes from. Does anyone know or can anyone direct me... more


I dont know understand this sentence kinldy explain

I'm getting forgetful in my old age.

What was the first novel written in the present tense?

Although many novels are still written in the past tense, it seems that many other novels nowadays are written in the present tense. When did this begin?**What was the first novel written primarily... more

In the USA, why is there still a government shutdown when Congress and the White House are controlled by the same party?

During the [United States federal government shutdown of 2018](, a single party commanded both the White House and a... more

You will have to Vs Have to?

I have come across this, in a recent conversation with an educationalist.During our conversation regarding higher education; He said, "you will have to do that".Is it the right phrase? What is the... more

i have an essay due in 24 hours

i have an essay on symbolism in animal farm and i didn't read the book and i procrastinated what do i do? here is the prompt A symbol is an object, action, or event that represents something or... more

What does "storm–the–gates populism” mean?

I was drawn to the words "storm-the-gates populism" in the following passage of the New York Times’ (February 15) article that came under the title, "Donald Trump escalates rhetoric before South... more

Difference between "prima facie" and "preliminary" evidence?

I came across many sentences in empirical economics papers using the term:> prima facie evidenceIs there any difference between *"prima facie"* evidence and *"preliminary evidence"*?


In the phrase "man enough", is man an adjective?

I do realize that the phrase *"to be man enough"* is an idiom. But I wonder what is the grammatical/syntactic role that *man* plays in it. Is it an uncountable noun? An adjective? An adverb? Or... more

Why is there a "mean" in "Greenwich Mean Time" (GMT)?

What's the meaning of the word "mean" in "Greenwich Mean Time"?Shouldn't we simply say something like "Greenwich Time"? I don't understand what the word "mean" is doing there.

Is using "I don't know that" instead of "I don't know if" grammatically correct?

When asked whether he recognized equal rights of atheists, George H. W. Bush said<sup>1</sup>:> No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor> should they... more

Meaning of "to charm the skin off a snake"?

This is a phrase originated from *Dead Run* by Erica Spindler. Hereunder is the context in the book that I googled. > Rick’s Island Hideaway was the quintessential Key West bar: Jimmy Buffet on... more


in the year 1908 or "in the year of 1908"?

Do we need preposition **"of"** after a **year**?>Freud is a visitor at James’s Sussex residence, Lamb House, in the year 1908

I have to write samples of ad copy for print, video, and radio. I'm a total newbie. What's the first step?

Know your market! It's the Golden Rule of advertising. What are you asking people to buy, or believe? What are you passionate about? With a good coach you can learn to read your your market and... more


Difference between verb+preposition and phrasal verbs?

I am reading a book on grammar. Now I can't understand the difference between the `verb+preposition` and `phrasal verbs`. For example>He never thinks about(or of) other people.and>put on your... more

Using an uncountable noun and 'none'?

Today I came across the following sentence:> We asked for help and were given none.It feels and sounds right to me. However, after decomposing _none_ into _not one_, it becomes apparent that... more

Confusing rule about subject-verb agreement?

I am currently working through "The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation" by Jane Straus. In the section on subject-verb agreement the author describes a rule for sentences that begin with "there"... more

What is the meaning of "I believe you're up"?

My question is very simple. I just would like to know what do they mean by: "I believe you're up"I've heard this expression in a movie and here is the script:- I already met your dad. He loves me.-... more

what is a good summary to these question? (see description)

1.    How does a person become a member of the U.S. Supreme Court? Briefly explain the nomination and confirmation process of determining membership of the Court. As you provide answers, be sure... more


Was Tom Robinson's trial the only inconsistency between To Kill A Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman?

In case you were unaware, (spoilers for both)>!Tom Robinson loses the trial and ends up dying in *To Kill a Mockingbird* whereas in *Go Set a Watchman*, where Atticus wins the trial and Tom goes... more

When and why did the practice of reading "Address to a Haggis" at Burns Night dinner originate?

Many people and institutions around the world hold [Burns suppers]( on or close to Burns Night, 25 January. Part of these events is the traditional... more

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