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So many weapons and armor! What is wrong with this sentence? And how would one fix it?

The sentence rings false in my head. Clearly this is because "weapons" is a countable noun, and "armor" is an uncountable noun. So one could fix this sentence by breaking it up into two clauses... more
Uncountable Nouns Grammar


Using an uncountable noun and 'none'?

Today I came across the following sentence:> We asked for help and were given none.It feels and sounds right to me. However, after decomposing _none_ into _not one_, it becomes apparent that... more
Uncountable Nouns Literature Countable Nouns


Is there a countable form for "literature"?

*Literature* is an uncountable noun, so we can't say *one literature* or *two literatures*. But is there a countable form, as there is for *information*? *One piece of information*, for instance.


The Plural of Email - Emails?

I debated with my peers that we can use the word **emails** when referring to more than one and it would be grammatically right.> But most of them said since we don't say we received **mails**... more
Uncountable Nouns Grammar Word Choice Grammaticality


Too much pills and liquor or "Too many pills and liquor"?

When you mix a mass noun with a plural, do you use "much" or "many"? I haven't been able to find any information about this.

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