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fraction os a cylinders volume taken up by the sphere

there is a cylinder with a diameter of 20cm and a height of 20cm. what fraction of the cylinders volume is taken up by the sphere if the sphere has a dimeter of 20cm and fits inside of the cylinder... more

Can Spanish distinguish between "lonely" and "alone"?

I learned that *solo* in Spanish means both "alone" (the simple fact of not having anyone else around) and "lonely" (feeling sad because of being alone). Is there any way of distinguishing between... more


the actual distance between 2 cities is 2 1/4 in. apart on a map with the a scale of 1 in.=40 mi

distance between 2 cities = 2 1/4 in. apart on a map  the scale is of 1 in.=40 mi.


reason why i should not celebrate columbus day

I need to get reason why i shouldn't celebrate columbus day


Evaluate this statement: Cholesterol is a type of lipid, and thus all cholesterol lipids are bad for human health.

True, because high levels of cholesterol lead to increased heart disease. False, because some types cholesterol increase heart disease, but other types are necessary, especially in the plasma... more


Identify the part of the atom that most determines the chemical properties of the atom.

The number of shells The number of electrons The number of neutrons The number of protons


what government are responsible for highway and park maintenance?

what government are responsible for highway and park maintenance?  

Discuss respiratory compensation for metabolic acidosis

can anyone answer my question, please?



2x-(4-x)+5. Solve for x


6 times a number increased by 17 is 19

can u tell me the variable,equation,and solution for this problem


select the product

Select the product of . (3x +7) * (7x - 3) A. 21x^2 +40x - 21 B. 10x^2 +8x +4 C. 10x^2 +40x - 21   D. 21x^2 - 21    

meaning of the thought

"A golden mind stoop not to shows of dross." what does it mean?


select the product

Select the product of (3x + 6)(3x - 6). A. 9x2 - 36 B. 9x2 - 36x - 36 C. 6x2 D. 6x


the universal norm that reinforces some form of exogamy is known as the..?

What is the difference between endogamy/exogamy


How do I get the answer to (3/5 - 3/10) x 30=

I need to know how to get the answer to the math problem above.  


english question

'which of the following lines is decasyllabic?...A i am sometimes compared to popular actresses...B meet me by the dock down south....C i sincerely hope you have a bigger fish than that....D to... more


why do you see increase and decrease in the zebra mussels and the quagga mussels invasive species population

The question is a sciencce lab on investigative report.


What would happen to the moon if I took a piece of it away and brought it to Earth?

This is not homework. Its just a question that I have been thinking about.

What is the distance?

The auditorium is 16 inches away from the town hall.  If the scale factor of the map is 1/2 inch =  miles, what is the true distance between the two buildings?


15 gram pieces of chees 50 gram of chicken an three 20 gram of slices of breat what is the total weitght of the sandwitch in kilograms

it is a word problem that I need help on IMMEDIATELY. Please and thank you I really need the help

a cylindrical storage tank is 14' high and has an inside diameter of 6' what is the volume of the tank to the nearest cubic foot?

one cubic foot contains 7.48 gallons how many gallons does the tank hold 

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