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Ordered Pair Math Algebra Functions


What is the function rule for (-2,10/9),(-1,4/3),(0,2),(1,4),(2,10)?

Ordered Pair


Ordered pair for y=x-4

Y=x-4.  I need help on this problem on finding the ordered pair

Linear Inequalities Help?

Could someone explain how to do these two by a step-by-step process? Thank you.1. [2,-1] y≥3 y<x+12. [7,-4] y<0 y<x-3

Need help with a word problem about Linear Inequalities?

This is it here - https://pasteboard.co/GzBH6pP.jpg   I'm having difficulty doing this, could someone help me?

Solution Of The Systems Of Linear Inequalities problems?

These two questions are hard for me. :/ It's about Solution of the Systems Of Linear Inequalities, if someone could explain at least one of these two me then I would be very appreciative :)... more


Ordered pair solution of system of linear inequalities?

1. (2,-1); y≥3                          y<x+1   2. (7,-4);y<0               y<x-3


Ordered pair, system of linear equalities

Can somebody please help me with this Algebra 1 Problem? I'm not sure what to do, I've provided a pic. https://ibb.co/hNuh9a
Ordered Pair Sin Curve


using the graph of y=sinx, list all values on x on the interval [-15 pi/4,-3pi/2] that satisfy the ordered pair (x,square root of 3/2)

I am trying to do precalc homework and need some help   using the graph of y=sinx, list all values on x on the interval [-15 pi/4,-3pi/2] that satisfy the ordered pair (x,square root of 3/2)
Ordered Pair Ordered Pairs


Find 6 order pair solutions for -10x-y=4

Find additional order pairs for -10x-y=4
Ordered Pair


A teacher graphs the ordered pair (5,3). In this ordered pair ,what does the 5 indicate

I do not get it    
Ordered Pair


What is the ordered pair of 2x-8y=-4

What is the ordered pair of the problem? 
Ordered Pair


Ordered pair for Y=-8+3x

Ordered pairs 
Ordered Pair


fidn the ordered pairs y= 2/5 x-2

need 4 pairs to complete the table x             y0 5               1             -3
Ordered Pair Solution


find the ordered pair solution of y=5/9x+5 corresponding to x=-9

please help me get this answer
Ordered Pair Solution Correspondind


find the ordered pair solution of y=5/7x-1 corresponding to x=7

please help me wit answer
Ordered Pair Solutions


find the ordered-pair solution of y=3x-9 corresponding to x=4

please help me I cant figure out this answer I have tried to summit my answer 5 times and its incorrect
Ordered Pair


Given the quadratic function y=-x^2+3. Substitute in -2,-1,0,1 and 2 and find the ordered pairs

please help
Ordered Pair


what is the ordered pair for x-2y=3

i need to know the ordered pair for this question
Ordered Pair Math Help


whats the ordered pair for 7x - 1y = 8??? PLEASE HELP

i really need help. i have no idea how to d o this :O ;( 
Ordered Pair Y Intercept X Intercept


find x and y intercepts for equation.

-4x+7y=56 type an ordered pair for the answer
Ordered Pair


Find the x- and y- intercepts and write as ordered pairs

y=-3x+7   y=-3(0)+7 y=0+7 y=7 (0,7) ordered pair for y- intercept   y=-3x+7 0=-3x+7 0-7=-3x+7-7 -7/3=-3x/3 -7/3=× Is this correct?


what is the slope for (4,-4) (8,-1) (0,-7) (-4,-10)

find the slope of the using: (4,-4) (8,-1) (0,-7) (-4,-10) I took notes but I still don't understand please HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!  


algebra 1 question

 How many ordered pairs of real numbers will satisfy the equation 2x-5y=6   A)1 B)0 C)2 D)3  E)infinite     Please Help!THANKS!
Ordered Pair


is the ordered pair (-3,2) a solution of the given system. 4x+y=12, x+2y=7

I know the answer is no unless I am wrong. but I cant find the steps they are confused me

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