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What is 21=xy in slope intercept formula

help I can’t figure it out because I know 21/x=y doesn’t work

Write an equation ​(a) in​ slope-intercept form and ​(b) in standard form for the line passing through ​(−3,6) and parallel to x+2y=5.

I need help finding them in slope - intercept form and standard form. I am lost and I do not understand how to do this problem. 
Slope Equation


what does the slope go threw(-7-8)(0,4)

what does this slope go threw?(-7-8)(0;4)
Slope Equation Algebra Word Problem


slope of ramp

The  maximum grade or slope that an elephant will walk is 13%. suppose the ramp was constructed with a horizontal run of 170ft. what would the vertical rise the architects could use

Finding Slope

How to find the slope of 1/2y-2/3x=-2
Slope Equation


Slope Intercept Form

Write the slope intercept equation of the function f whose graph satisfies the given conditions, if the graph of f passes through (-12,8) and is perpendicular to the line that has an x-intercept of... more


x-4y+12=0 to y=mx+b

If this equation is -4y=-x-12 why is the next step y=x/4+12/4. I thought the 4 and 12 was suppose to be negative since i rearranged the equation
Slope Equation Slope


a line has a slope of 3 and a y-intercept of -3 what is the equation of the line

 a line has a slope of 3 and a y-intercept of -3 what is the equation of the line  
Slope Equation


Write this equation in standard form, m=-8/9; (3,5)

please help with writing this in standard form please!
Slope Equation Word Problem


if i had a monthly usage of 380.5 in electricity for three months and with a kWh of 0.08493 how much is my monthly cost

 this is for a math project and i do not now how to do it.
Slope Equation


Does the line y= 2x -1 pass through the origin (0,0)?

Can you show me how I would answer a problem like this.
Slope Equation


Find the values of k and b if it is known that the graph of y=kx+b goes through points (2, 10) and (−7, −10)

please find Find the values of k and b
Slope Equation


Find the equation of the line that passes through the pair of points

(-1,1), (-1,2)
Slope Equation


Find the equation of that line that passes through the pair of points. Write your answer in slope intercept form

(1,-2), (2,1) y=


Grade 9 math question! Need help asap!

A company offers internet for a maximum of 10 GB for $36. The costs of additional fees are $2.15/GB. Write an equation to represent this relation.
Slope Equation Slope


HELP, determine an equation(s)

a) The slope is -2 and the point (2, -3) is on the line. b)The line passes through the points (-3, 3) and (6, 9).

What is the slope of the line passing through the points (1,-5) and (4,1)

I need help with the slope passing through the points (1,-5) and (4,1).

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