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Asked • 06/06/19

How to best manage photos with Lightroom?

I recently started taking RAW photos and purchased Lightroom 3 to manage them. So far I have not found the ideal way to manage them. Here's basically how my workflow goes: 1. Import the RAW files from the camera to a specific import folder. 2. Edit the RAW files. 3. Once the pictures look good, convert the files to JPEG and save them to my photo album folder. 4. Keyword the photos, possibly add comments etc. 4. Save the original RAW files to external hard drive.Currently Lightroom does not know my photo album folder exists and I've used it only to edit the pictures in the import folder. However, I'd like to use Lightroom also to manage my photo album. But what would be the best way to handle that? Is there a better way than to export the photos to my album and them import the album folder? I assume export does not include the ratings etc if I set them while editing the RAW files? Ideally I would of course keep the RAW files in my album, but my laptop has limited hard drive space, so I can't do that. Besides, I like to keep all the album files in JPEG so I can use them easily anywhere without additional exports.

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