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What is that other word for cahoots?

Im drawing a blank and cannot think of that other word for alliance/cahoots. It's something like "Charage"...."Chorad"... "Shorage" something like that. Please help me remember! Lol Not Charades.... more
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What's the meaning of "flat landscape"? Is there any synonym for it?

For context: Today you will travel to a small hill surrounded by flat landscape.


Can I delete dictionary entries in Word?

You know how it is: Red sqiggly line under word, looks OK to me, click on "Add to Dictionary" -- sudden realisation, that's NOT how you spell it. Now what? Can I make things right again, or am I... more
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How to merge two dictionaries in a single expression?

I have two Python dictionaries, and I want to write a single expression that returns these two dictionaries, merged. The `update()` method would be what I need, if it returned its result instead... more
Dictionary Python


Check if a given key already exists in a dictionary?

I wanted to test if a key exists in a dictionary before updating the value for the key.I wrote the following code: if 'key1' in dict.keys(): print "blah" else: print "boo"I think... more


SSRS and maps of route from data?

I have data that has the longitude and latitude values for a point of origin, stops and the return point of origin. I'd like to be able to create a matrix that uses this information from an Excel... more
Dictionary Python Python 2.7


Iterating over dictionaries using 'for' loops?

I am a bit puzzled by the following code: d = {'x': 1, 'y': 2, 'z': 3} for key in d: print key, 'corresponds to', d[key]What I don't understand is the `key` portion. How does Python... more
Dictionary Python


Should I use 'has_key()' or 'in' on Python dicts?

I wonder what is better to do: d = {'a': 1, 'b': 2} 'a' in d Trueor: d = {'a': 1, 'b': 2} d.has_key('a') True


How do I sort a list of dictionaries by a value of the dictionary?

I have a list of dictionaries and want each item to be sorted by a specific property values.Take into consideration the array below, [{'name':'Homer', 'age':39}, {'name':'Bart', 'age':10}]When... more

Create a dictionary with list comprehension in Python?

I like the Python list comprehension syntax.Can it be used to create dictionaries too? For example, by iterating over pairs of keys and values: mydict = {(k,v) for (k,v) in blah blah blah} #... more
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Delete an element from a dictionary?

Is there a way to delete an item from a dictionary in Python?Additionally, how can I delete an item from a dictionary to return a copy (i.e., not modifying the original)?
Dictionary Python Sorting


How can I sort a dictionary by key?

What would be a nice way to go from `{2:3, 1:89, 4:5, 3:0}` to `{1:89, 2:3, 3:0, 4:5}`? I checked some posts but they all use the "sorted" operator that returns tuples.

Are there any equivalent of oxforddictionaries.com/definition/ in Arabic?

I am looking for a website that is equivalent of https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/goIn oxforddictionaries, you see it gives all of the meanings of a word with example sentencesAre there... more
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Convert two lists into a dictionary in Python?

Imagine that you have: keys = ['name', 'age', 'food'] values = ['Monty', 42, 'spam']What is the simplest way to produce the following dictionary? a_dict = {'name' : 'Monty', 'age' : 42,... more
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How to remove a key from a Python dictionary?

When trying to delete a key from a dictionary, I write: if 'key' in myDict: del myDict['key']Is there a one line way of doing this?
Dictionary Arabic


Any suggestion for Classical Arabic language online dictionary or PDF?

Can anybody suggest me the websites or PDFs from where I can get the meaning and etymology of Classical Arabic terms or any online dictionary of Classical Arabic language or any PDF of that... more
Dictionary Proofreading


What does "(ph)" mean when written after a transcribed word?

In the block quote below I've added an excerpt from an interview transcript with the author of "The First Norton Anthology of World Religions." The transcript has different words for God and "(ph)"... more
Dictionary Python


Add new keys to a dictionary?

Is it possible to add a key to a Python dictionary after it has been created? It doesn't seem to have an `.add()` method.

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