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Trigonometry Word Problems Trigonometry Trigonometry Functions


The height above the surface of the water, h, in centimeters, of a certain spot on a paddle of a miniature river boat is modeled by h(t) = 5.5cos(72t) +35

where t is the time in second since the boat started moving.    A) What are the maximum and minimum height of the spot on the paddle?  B) What is the speed of the rotation?  C) How long does it... more
Trigonometry Word Problems Trigonometry


A ferris wheel at an amusement park has a diameter of 18metres, and travels at a rate of 5 revolutions every 2 minutes.

Extra information: At the bottom of the ride, the passenger is 2 metres above ground.   A) Determine a function the represents height, h, above the ground at time, t, if h=20 and t=0.   B)... more

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