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Substitution Estimation


a total of 60 hand weights some of the weights are 3 pounds and the rest are 5 pounds if there are 10 more 5 pound weights then 3 pound weight how many of each

it is the gym instructor and i need help solving this problem. i don't know how to find the equations 
Substitution Word Problem


Solve a system of equations using substitution

Andrew and his little sister are saving up money to buy a joint birthday present for their mother. Andrew already has $27 saved and plans to save $14 per week from his allowance. His sister has $21... more
Substitution Systems Of Equations


How do you solve this System of Equations?

Levi purchased a total of 50 ride and game tickets and the amusement park and spent $29. if ride tickets cost 75 cents each and game tickets cost 50 cents each, how many ride tickets did he purchase?


The sum of two numbers is 18. The difference between three times the lesser number and the greater number is 10.

so confused, help please!


Linear systems substitution

Y =3x+2 y=-3x-4


How to solve y=-2x - 1. y=-4x- 5

I need an answer and how to solve it. Only because I struggle at it in pre algebra. Iwould like it if y’all helped   


Substitution word problem

a student bought 1 box of crayons and 5 reams of paper for $54. She bought 5 boxes of crayons and 3 reams of paper for $50. What is the cost of each vox of crayons and each ream of paper?


Substitution/Elimination Form

Substitution Form: 2x-3y=2 x+y=-1 x+y=-1   Elimination From:  2x/3 - 4y/5 = 1 and 3x-y=-7


3x-2y=-7. Y=x+4

Use substitution to solve the system of equations 


I am learning about substitutions. The equations are -3x+6y=4 and 2x+y=4.

So I tried doing the equation out and I got fractions for the ordered pairs. I got x=4/3 and y=20/3. Our teacher has us do checks so when I checked the problem out it didn't work out. 


substitution word problem

For this problem, I know how to solve it, but can't set it up. I have  x+y=3000 0.70x+0.35y=(0.58)(300) but it's quite right. Thanks!   A silversmith has two alloys, one containing 70% silver... more


Solve system by substitution

The school that Anjali goes to is selling tickets to a play. On the first day of ticket sales the school sold 11 senior citizen tickets and 14 child tickets for a total of $211. The school took in... more
Substitution Infinite Sums


What is x equal to in this equation

1=sqrt(x+sqrt(x+sqrt(x+sqrt(x+... Using a substition, it seems you can get 1=sqrt(x+1), but that leads to x=0, which seems wrong when you plug it back into the original equation.
Substitution Analytic Geometry


Solve the following linear system (substitution)

Solve the following linear system (substitution)    2x-5y=12 x+10y=-9


The sum of two numbers is 12. Four times the smaller number is two less than the larger. What are the two numbers?

Solve by substitution
Substitution Math


how would you substitute x=-4y and 3x + 2y = 20

I need help on a really hard problem it's substitution equations  


-x+y=4 and 3x-2=-7

Substitution finding x and y
Substitution Substitution Method


Solve the system of equations using substitution...

y=-6x+21 -3x-3y=-18
Substitution Math Algebra Equation


please help

Use substitution to solve the following system of equations:   4x-y=5 2x+3y=-8


Linear Systems Word Problem

Josie wants to buy Internet access. One service provider charged a flat rate of $34.95/month. A second charges $25/month plus $0.33/hour. For what number of hours per month should Josie choose the... more
Substitution Math Calculus Integrals



when integrating ∫sin3xdx, a good first move would be to:   a) use u-substitution, letting u=sinx, and then integrating ∫u3du   b) use u-substitution, letting u=sin2x   c) rewrite the problem... more
Substitution Math Calculus Ap Calc



When integrating  ∫esinxcosdx, a good choice to use for your u-substitution would be which of the following:   a) u=cosxb) u=sinx c) u=esinx  


substituting a value into an integrand

if the substitution √(x)=sin(y) is made into the integrand of (with the upper limit of: 1/2  and the lower limit of: 0) ∫ ( (√(x) )/( (√(1-x) )dx , the resulting integral is _______________.    


How many children and how many adults were admitted?

The admission fee at an amusement park is $1.50 for children and $4 for adults. On a certain day, 302 people entered the park, and the admission fees collected totaled 828.00 dollars. How many... more

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